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‘Far Cry 4’ coming to PS4 and PS3 in November

The PlayStation Blog has announced a new entrant in the fan favorite Far Cry franchise to debut this November.

Far Cry 4

Earlier today, Ubisoft Content Producer Michael Madavi delivered some pretty fantastic news: Far Cry 4 is indeed in the works, and better yet, it’s planned for a release this November.

For just about everyone who’s played the landmark series–especially the chaotic masterpiece that is Far Cry 3–this announcement is a reason for celebration.

While the details are still limited about Far Cry 4, we do know that it takes place in little place called Kyrat that’s smack dab in the middle of the Himalayas. Stunning and memorable locales have always been mainstays of the series, and venturing forth into the highland wilders with all of its snow-capped peaks, towering heights, and cities precariously placed on mountain slopes is a prospect surely to entice the adventurer in all of us.

FarCry 4

Far Cry 4 Executive Producer Dan Hay had the following to say about the upcoming game:

“Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations.

“Given the unique setting, we feel Far Cry 4 will stand out as a top first-person shooter and we’re eager to reveal more about the game in the coming months.”

As always players will be battling a crazed lunatic–this time a despotic purple-suit-wearing ruler who has crowned himself as king–in their havoc-fraught quest.

Pre-orders are currently available, and every order comes with a free upgrade to the Limited Edition which comes packaged with the Hurk’s Redemption pack. The pack features three additional quests focused on the retrieval of a legendary artifact, and you’ll get a snazzy harpoon-gun known as “The Impaler”.


This announcement surely packs in yet another must-have for 2014’s lineup, however we may see some delays or push-backs for Far Cry 4 depending how long Ubisoft has been working on it. With Watch_Dogs completed and a new Assassin’s Creed in the works, the publisher certainly is busy, and hopefully we’ll see this one launched on time.

Far Cry 4 is slated for a release on November 18, 2014 for Xbox One, Ps4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. For more information or to pre-order the game be sure to visit the game’s official website.

Via Ubi Blog, PS Blog

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