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Fantastic Killzone 3 Bundles announced for Asia-Pacific Region

KillZone 3
Asian PlayStation 3 gamers who are going to purchase this highly anticipated first person shooter (FPS) title can get more bang for their buck with these generous bundle deal offers.

Asian fans of the Playstation 3 exclusive first person shooter Killzone 3 are in for a treat. Earlier today, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced several attractive bundle deals.

There will be a special SteelBook edition priced at S$78, which consists of the game, a Playstation Network (PSN) voucher which can be used to purchase a Map pack, an exclusive PS3 theme, and the official soundtrack.

For those who want more physical action out of the game, there is the PlayStation Move Pack worth S$139, which comes with the aforementioned SteelBook edition as well as a PlayStation Move motion controller. Moreover, this package comes with two special Sackboy action figurines consisting of a Helghast trooper and Sev, the main protagonist.

Additionally, fans who want to get a new Playstation 3 along with the game can buy the Killzone 3 Entry Pack, which is priced at just S$569. This package comes with a 160GB Playstation 3, a DualShock Wireless controller, the SteelBook edition as well as two the above mentioned KillZone stylized figurines.

Lastly to top off this set of fantastic offers, fans can buy the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition. This bundle offer comes with the SteelBook edition, a translucent Helghast action figure, an official book showcasing the artwork of the game as well as a Helghast Helmet replica. All these for approximately S$166.

Killzone 3 is slated for a release on 22 February. Till then, here is the official E3 trailer for those who haven’t seen the game in action yet.

Source: Gamespot

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