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Fan videos: iOS 7 the multitasking way

Multitasking on smartphones are tough to do considering the display sizes, but perhaps Apple will finally catch wind of the subject and make multitasking an emphasis in iOS 7.

The smartphone game is quickly changing, and firms like Apple and Google are quickly evolving their respective mobile OS to grab and retain the interests of consumers. Although Google has been very active in baking and molding sweets left and right to add onto Android, Apple has taken the slow but steady approach. 

Changes from iOS 5 to 6 were minimal, and if one simply stared at the home screen without doing some digging around they would not know much of a difference.  iOS 7, however, is promising to change all that through some significant UI changes. 

Of course Apple won’t confirm any speculations until the product is ready for launch, but that hasn’t stopped fans from recreating the rumors and turning them into images and video demos. Below is a video of one such creation:

Here's an older video, but still with the same fan-driven concepts:

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