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‘Fallout 4’ teaser site: Nuclear winter is coming in five days

The purported teaser site for the next Fallout game has been updated to show a very interesting countdown timer, which might indicate an official reveal date.

Fallout4 Teaser

The Survivor 2299 teaser site was spotted a while back, and served as tantalizing evidence that a new Fallout game was coming. Furthermore, Bethesda has recently trademarked the name Fallout 4 with the European Union, and a bit ago they were hiring workers for a “next-gen RPG”.

When we put all this together, it’s pretty clear that a new Fallout game is in the works.

A new update on the teaser site adds even more credence to this belief, and possibly hints at an official reveal date. When visiting the site, we’re met with a countdown timer–but this time there’s something new: the proclamation that nuclear winter is coming in 5 days and counting.


Could this mean that Bethseda is readying an official reveal for Fallout 4 in the next five days? It was recently believed that the announcement might take place during Spikes VGX Awards held on Dec. 7, but that doesn’t fit in line with the new countdown. Five days from now would be Nov. 30, and we might see something surprising on the site on that day.

Of course it’s also possible that the new Fallout game could be a spin-off of sorts, but a major sequel would propel Bethesda forward and solidify their claim on next-gen. Currently they are putting forth a lot of stake in their highly anticipated MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online, and projects like The Evil Within and Wolfenstein: The New Order will keep them busy as well.

The gaming community has been a-buzz with a possible next-gen Fallout game since before both consoles were revealed, and many feel that its high time for another adventure in the Capitol Wasteland.

Be sure to check The Survivor 2299.com out in five days just to be sure, and we’ll keep you updated when more info comes to light.

Via Now Gamer, The Survivor 2299

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