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Facebook will be adding official support for hashtags

Twitter has been taking the world by storm for quite some time now and it was already creeping into the world of Facebook by way of people posting hashtags in status updates. Prepare to see this a lot more often.

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If there is one thing Twitter has introduced that seems to be creeping up in just about every form of media you can think of, it’s the idea of the hashtag. For those who have been living under a rock, hashtags are words that follow a number sign and are used to organize specific topics into something that is easily searchable. For instance if you’re watching the NBA finals and want to know what others are thinking you may search for the hashtag #NBAfinals or what have you.

The news here is that Facebook will now be including official support for these hashtags to help you find the discussions or images or news that you’re looking for. Of course it won’t work exactly like Twitter considering the variety of privacy option there are on Facebook.  Don’t be surprised to see most people hide their hashtags from the public and only allow friends to see them.

If you were one of those people who found it annoying when hashtags were creeping into Facebook then prepare for things to get much worse.  If you’re a fan of it, then go wild. It’s not a big change but it’s enough to cause a possible shift in the way topics are discussed and explored on the social media giant.

Source: Facebook Via: The Verge

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