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Facebook to offer location-based updates, checking in with McDonald

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With the growing popularity of Foursquare location-based social networking service, it is no wonder Facebook is also going to offer such location-based status updates for its users later this month. According to news sources, McDonald is also making a Facebook application that allow users to check in to their restaurants and have their product featured in the posts.

Facebook was reported to be adding location-based status updates for its members this month. The move could well be a challenge to popular social network website, Foursquare who was reaching close to one million users in April 2010.

But what is interesting is that McDonald could be the first to make use of Facebook’s new service.

According to news sources, the fast food chain is building a Facebook application that can allow users to check in to their restaurants and have a featured product appear in the post.

Whether the new Facebook location-based status updates will do well is anyone’s guess. And with Twitter, Google and others also getting into the game, the ones who would shine would be the ones who get the most advertising and interesting campaigns.

Source: eWeek

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