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Facebook hoping to stop the bleeding today with Graph Search

For quite a while now, Google has been trying to invade Facebook’s part of cyberspace, and as it turns out Facebook has been trying to do the same with Google’s space. Call it what you want, but Mark Zuckerberg is leveraging the millions upon millions of Facebook users to create ‘the second coming.’

Starting this Monday, Facebook will roll out a new search feature (something that its been testing out for awhile now) that will tap into not only your user data (if you use Facebook) but also the data of other users’ and organizations.


Dubbed “Graph Search”, this new search feature will replace the current white search bar, and will allow people to search for people, places, photos and interests relevant to them. The new Facebook search tool won’t be as broad as Google’s search engine, but rather there will be specific filters put in place to ensure that people aren’t wandering aimlessly. For instance, if a person searches for a place, the results will depend on if a person within your network has ‘liked’ or ‘visited’ the actual location that’s being searched. Also, within the search filters are age criteria that will supposedly limit search results that are relevant to various age groups.

It’s too soon to predict that Facebook is going the way of MySpace in terms of a social network dying out, but the company is, too, seeing a decline in usage of the network’s platform. Facebook relies on its user base for expansion, but recently the network is seeing decreasing numbers of people ‘friending’ each other, and even more tragic, the abandoning of accounts altogether.

As some would suspect, Graph Search is perhaps meant to boost user activity and networking, and to mitigate the current downward trend of user base. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg states that the company isn’t planning on monetizing on the new search feature, rather he just hopes that Graph Search will entice users to return and remain active.

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