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Facebook Home is inundated with negative feedback and a single star rating

The Google Play store's stats show that the new Home from Facebook has recently passed up one-half million downloads. While this might seem like a lot of downloads, it is only a drop in the bucket compared to the 1 billion users on Facebook, and many of those users are giving Home a single star out of five. 

The people at Facebook have put lot of effort and advertising for the new Home.  Sadly, it has not received a lot of positive feedback from users.  

One big problem for Home is that it currently only operates on a few Android smartphones. Users are also saying that it hides a lot of needed phone functions, disabled their widgets or it drained their battery life.  Needless to say, Facebook user's hearts are not at Home. 

It is factual that Google Play is showing over 500,000 downloads over the past couple of days for Home. However, it is important to remember that Facebook has over 1 billion active users. Furthermore, when you factor in Android’s estimated ½ billion account holders; these numbers from Google play represent a mere 0.001% of a potential Home user market.  

If you pay a visit to the Google Play Store you will see that Home only has a user rating of 2.2 out of 5 at this time.  This number is based on the April 22 rating, which at that time counted approximately 12 thousand reviews – over half of which gave the app a single star rating.  

When looking at the 500,000 downloads for Home, some sources such as Android Central point out that all of those download numbers for the new Facebook app does not necessarily translate to active installs or even used in the first place.

Facebook Home debuted on April 12th of this year in the Google Play store and comes preinstalled on the HTC First smartphone.  For now it is important to note that Home is only supported on four Android mobile devices, which are the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X and HTC One X+, but those numbers will surely go up in the near future.

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