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Facebook Home hits one million downloads

Facebook's social media suite has hit a million downloads, but it took twice as long to get the second 500,000 as the first. The reason may be poor reviews.

Facebook Home has been out for a month an has just hit 1 million downloads. This comes shortly after Facebook's director of mobile engineering told reporters that the milestone had “just about” been reached. Now the app's page is displaying that the download numbers are in the 1-5 million range. The app took just ten days to reach 500,000 downloads, but twice as long to get to a million, indicating the demand might be lower than expected, especially with Facebook now having more than a billion users.


One reason for the waving download numbers is Facebook Home's less than great reception. Negative reviews, more than 16,000 of them, have left the app with only a two-star rating on its Google Play Store page. Facebook has released an update to the app to fix some of the complaints they've received. In addition to bug fixes, the app's new version will no longer block sideloading, a process which can transfer the app from supported to unsupported devices. Facebook's partnership with HTC is also having some trouble – a mere month after release, AT&T is selling HTC's Facebook phone for 99 cents.

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