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Facebook adds voice to Messenger & VoIP for Canadian users

Facebook has added voice to its independent messenger app, and experimenting with VoIP in Canada.  They are also offering a new advanced developer feature called ‘flexible sentences’ that will help modify sentence structure.

Facebook just recently adopted a new update to their independent messenger service.  Whether you are using iOS or Android this new feature will allow users to send actual voice messages for the first time.  The new update is present in the updated messenger with a visible record button located in the chat dialogue box.  One simply clicks and holds the button, and then they can record their message up to one minute in length.

Facebook is also in the testing stages of a adding a VoIP inside messenger much like what Google offers in their Gmail service.  For the time being the VoIP is only available for Canadian iOS users.  For now Canadian iOS users will not be able to communicate with other users on Android, nor any user, no matter the OS, outside of Canada.

The VoIP service is free but Facebook reminds users that by using the service it will reflect on a user’s data plan.  If in fact the VoIP test run in Canada shows a positive feedback the company says that an expansion of the service would ensue.

Facebook seems to be on a roll with offering all types of new changes.  It was in December 2012 that Facebook began offering users a Messenger first available for Android users. All a person needs is a phone number without any need of an active Facebook account. 

Soon after messenger was released they began offering the ‘Poke app’ via their new Snapchat-like service.  This app allows mobile users to send a traditional Facebook 'poke’, a message, photograph or a video to their friends.  Each message can be set to expire at a predetermined time, up to 10 seconds maximum, after which the message will self-destruct.  The Poke app is currently available for free at iTunes.

The latest change offered is for developers, and it is an advanced feature they are calling ‘flexible sentences’ with Open Graph.  This feature offers greater control with sentence structure in stories along with the ability to edit tenses for custom verbs and add additional text for the reader.

Facebook says that by offering this new feature it gives the developer an ability to create “more compelling stories for their apps.” The configuration tool will also allow a developer to see which stories are shared and viewed more often along with an ability to remove objects from a sentence.   You can read the basic how-to guide here at Facebook’s developer’s page.

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