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FAA may soon allow iPad usage during takeoff and landing

The Federal Aviation Administration a.k.a FAA is expected to make a significant change in rules which will allow passengers to use iPads, e-readers and other personal electronic devices during takeoff, landing and taxiing.

ipad-miniJust like during taxiing, landing or takeoff, passengers are currently not allowed to use a bevy of personal electronic devices at low altitudes. They’re told to keep them switched off until the aircraft reaches cruising altitude. It’s done so as to safeguard the aircraft’s navigation systems from any kind of disruption, though many debate that there is no scientific evidence that passengers’ electronic devices can harm an aircraft’s navigation systems.

Even though it is expected that tablets like iPad and e-readers will be given the all clear for use from gate to gate, cellphones will reportedly not be extended the same privilege. Gate to gate use means that passengers will not have to switch off their devices at any point in their journey, only airlines that pass rigorous testing will reportedly be allowed to give passengers this service.

If these changes are made to the rules, the safety announcements are likely to be modified as well. Passengers on planes with limited protection from any possible disturbance created by electronic devices will not be able to switch them on until they’re told to. Those with medium protection will only allow certain devices to be used from gate to gate. There will be announcements in high protection bearing planes advising passengers that the aircraft is capable of handling interference from electrical devices at any point in the flight.

Source: [WSJ]

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