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Eyes on Asus’ new IPS and 3D displays

Moving on we have Asus latest addition to its professional series of monitors, a more affordable follow-up to the PA246Q which was Asus first entry into the professional monitor market a little bit earlier this year. The new model is called the PA238Q and it's using a 23-inch IPS panel with 1920×1080 resolution compared to a 24-inch P-IPS panel with 1920×1200 resolution for the PA246Q. That said, the PA238Q should be a lot more affordable than the PA246Q, as not everyone can afford to spend in the region of US$500 (S$629) on a monitor, even in the professional market space. Asus couldn't give us a price point for the PA238Q, but judging by the fact that it uses a much more affordable panel, we're expecting it to cost close to half of what the PA246Q is going for, especially taking into account the price of the ML239H which uses a similar IPS panel. It's worth noting that the PA238Q is LED backlit and unlike the PA246Q doesn't offer Adobe RGB support.

The PA238Q will be available later this year and beyond the IPS panel, it also features DisplayPort 1.1, HDMI 1.3, DVI and D-sub connectivity. It also sports a four port USB 2.0 hub, but sadly Asus decided to drop the card reader found on the PA246Q. Asus has retained the same stand as on the PA246Q which means a height-adjustable, pivoting stand and the overall design if focused on function over form. One feature that we're amazed that no-one else have come up with is what Asus calls QuickFit. Put simply it's a set of overlay grid lines that can be called up via a press of a menu button and it overlays grids (in centimetres, inches and alignment), standard documents sizes (A4 and letter) as well as several standard photo sizes to help with easy document and photo creation.

Asus also informed us that early 2012 we can expect a new display in the PA series which should end up being a 27-inch unit with higher resolution than the current models, although as this model is still in the planning stage, the person we spoke to didn't want to divulge too much information about it, but it'll most likely use an IPS panel and it should hopefully offer 2560×1440 resolution or higher.

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