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Explore Los Santos & Blaine County in new interactive travelogue for GTA V

In a recent Newswire update, Rockstar Games has released a witty and informative, interactive travelogue that introduces fans to the expansive coastal attraction that is made up of Los Santos and Blaine County.

The travel brochure is infused with Rockstar’s infamous and signature hilarity, featuring an array of highlights of what GTA V’s virtual paradise has to offer. From the glitz and glamour of Los Santos’ famous shops to the highland forests that make for that perfect camping getaway to the great outdoors; this west-coast destination has something for everyone.

Los Santos Travelogue

Each of the pages that outline the main categories offer a few snapshots and a brief introduction to the topic itself, and while many are witty in nature–including the Affordable Healthcare and Friendly Neighbors sections–some of them give some nice teases.

The Fast Cars at Your Fingertips panel, for example, displays a few in-game sportscars that players will be able to use to zoom around in Los Santos–complete with full 360 views for each vehicle. This is an interesting look at a small fraction of the cars that will be available in GTA V, each of which are rendered in full high quality splendor.

Additional vehicles can be seen on the travelogue’s Vehicular Customization section, which showcases a few of the impressive customization  options offered by LS Customs to allow players to create their perfect stylish ride.

GTA V Los Santos Customs
This is just one of the many customization options available to players in GTA V, showcasing a ride tricked out by Los Santos Customs.

Along with the humorous virtual travel brochure, Rockstar has also delivered a fresh batch of twelve new in-game screenshots for GTA V. The new gallery is the standard randomized mix of chaotic action, scenic beauty, and capturing the recreational activities of the game’s main triad of characters.

The screens feature Trevor quite prominently–we get to see him wreak havoc in a high-speed chase with police as well as four-wheeling along a precious rocky precipice, showing quite clearly that Trevor laughs in the face of danger. We also are taken under the sea in brand new scuba sub snapshot, and to the sunset skies in an airliner screen that captures the beauty of GTA V’s magical lighting effects.

Check the full gallery below to peruse the entirety of the new screens, offering some tasty fare for the main course with tomorrow’s official GTA Online world premiere.

Grand Theft Auto V is slated to release on Sept. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For more information, including screenshots and trailers, please visit the game’s official website or check out our most recent GTA V coverage.

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