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“Excuse Me, Your DSLR Is Too Loud.”

Now this has got to be a fun way to annoy others with loud music or movies without making it actually seem that you are the one at fault. The good folks over at Brando has just updated their lineup of novelty USB gadgets with a new USB speaker which…you guessed it, looks and feels exactly like a DSLR. And no, you cannot use it for snapshots. Too bad.

If a DSLR is selling for less than US$100, it is usually too good to be true. And in this case, it really is. Although you might be able to experience a certain thrill out of this ‘too good to be true’ deal when you see other people walking past your DSLR, only to have their jaws drop when they find out “the truth”.

Just like how Mom and Dad always taught us never to judge a book by its cover, this “DSLR” from Brando definitely looks like the real deal in every aspect of its design. However, if one would look very closely at it, he or she would realize that this “DSLR” is no image capturing device, but a speaker which is very craftily concealed within a camera body, thanks to the MP3 logo proudly being displayed at the space directly under the device’s “mode dial”.

Brando claims that the USB camera speaker supports the standard 3.5mm jack, which means that this “DSLR” is compatible with virtually all audio devices currently available in the market today. For those who prefer not to give the “DSLR”’s true nature away with a 3.5mm cable, there is a USB port and a card reader built into the device which supports SD, SDHC and Sony’s Memory Stick storage devices which users can use to feed their audio files into. The speaker supports both MP3 and WMA formats, so most users are unlikely to experience format incompatibility issues.

Unlike most typical DSLRs, this particular “DSLR” does not make use of rechargeable lithim-ion batteries but standard AA cells, so battery costs is definitely something to look out for. Fortunately, the speaker can also draw power via its USB connection in the event that users might want to use it as their new PC speaker. That being said, expect audio quality on this “DSLR” to be sub-par: Brando did not state if the speakers support stereo sound, so it is possible that users have to contend with mono sound output.

But if that is a minor flaw which you think you can live with, the DSLR USB Camera Speaker can be purchased from Brando for the price of US$75. And just so that we make ourselves clear, this “DSLR” is not capable of capturing images, no matter how realistic the body and its “shutter button” may seem.

Source: Brando

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