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“Excuse me sir, but you have to remove your cheeseburger from the public PC.”

As we have stated before, it is always the simple but deceptive gadgets out there which captures our eyes. And apparently, the good folks from Brando have got yet another interesting device to get not-so-IT-savvy people out there scratching their heads in confusion. Anybody fancy enjoying a cheeseburger on a PC?

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There is always a twisted sense of satisfaction to be had when one manages to successfully break the rules and walk out of such situations with no adverse effects or consequences. Unfortunately, attempting to do so usually requires a great deal of luck; a key statistic which many are not necessarily blessed with.

That being said, the best alternative solution will be to pretend to break the rules and fool someone into thinking that such an act was done when it never happened. And if that sounds like the kind of thing you do regularly in schools or libraries, Brando’s gadget ought to be rather self-explanatory with regards to the mischief one could come up with.

According to Brando, the USB Chicken Burger 4-Port USB Hub is fully compliant with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 specifications, so users are unlikely to experience any performance issues with the ‘burger’ as most USB devices are still making use of version 2 of the USB specifications.

That being said, the USB Chicken Burger 4-Port USB Hub mimics an actual burger extremely well, and it shows. Just like how some people would flip off the top bun of an actual burger to add in the sauces of their choice to the meat patty beneath it, this polyresin imitation of a burger requires that users remove the top ‘bun’ to reveal the lettuece, where the four USB ports are carefully hidden




Of course, it being a generic USB gadget means that the ‘chicken burger’ will work on any PC running off any operating system, be it Windows, OS X or Linux. And the fact that it sports pocket-able dimensions (88 x 88 x 60mm) means that users can easily carry their ‘chicken burger’ with them and use it for some mischief making on public PCs.

If that sounds like fun, do take note that there is a price to pay for such mischief-making, and in this case, the price happens to be US$19 for the ‘burger’. Now that might come across as a little expensive for a novelty gadget, but the fact that it looks realistic enough to be eaten should probably guarantee at least a week’s worth of pranks before the trick starts to get old.

Source: Brando

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