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Exclusive Tour of Geil’s Memory Test Laboratory

Geil is keenly aware that sorting on a machine just doesn’t cut it. The DBT Burn In Chamber is henceforth developed. This machine does repetitive memory testing at elevated temperatures to single out problematic memory modules that have signs of potential premature failure.
Ever since the DBT unit, which does the burning part of “Die-hard Burn-in Technology,” was introduced, Geil has seen a sharp drop in product returns. Now, under 2000ppm of the DBT-tested memory exported by Geil actually makes its way back. Electronics as we know it, often fall into two categories: the ones that lives a long and useful life, and the ones that fail prematurely. DBT attempts to net all those in the latter category even before such memory make it to the market.
According to the few memory makers we spoke to, DDR2 is still selling well today. Indeed we were able to see the older Evo II memory testers (which does DDR2 testing) lining the stretch of the workbench. Here, we’re able to get close to take a shot of the BGA “sockets.” Using these sockets, BGA RAM does not need to be subjected to multiple thermal cycles of the soldering process before their speeds are binned.
Geil had announced earlier on that it would be making its first foray into power supplies. The samples shown at CeBIT have undergone changes yet again. Watch this space for more updates about Geil’s 80 PLUS power products.

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