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Exclusive: Razer Krait 1600dpi gaming mouse

In order to give readers a better perception of the physical dimensions and differences
of the Krait, we’ve compared the Razer Krait against some of Razer’s older
products, like the Copperhead and the Viper. Do bear in mind once
again, that the Krait is not meant to be a replacement for the Copperhead.

Here’s some pictures of the Krait, when compared against the Copperhead:

The Copperhead when placed side by side against the Krait. As
shown here, the Copperhead is visibly bigger than the Krait, both in length and

The Copperhead has a taller arch on it’s back, while the Krait
is shorter in this aspect. Although the feel of the mouse is subjective to
individuals, I personally think the Copperhead’s raised arch provides a much more
comfortable grip as compared to the Krait.

The Copperhead has a brighter glow when compared against the
subtle orange glow from the Krait.

When compared against the Razer Viper:

Seeing double? Both the Razer Krait and the Viper shares the
same physical dimensions. While the Krait comes in an opaque body, the Viper comes in a transparent black tinted body. Although looks are subjective to the individual, I personally prefer the transparent tinted body on the Viper.

When flipped over, the differences between the Viper and the
Krait becomes more obvious. The Viper comes with only 3 small round Teflon pads,
while the Krait comes with larger pads to give a smoother feel when used.
Especially on the rear, Razer included a large Teflon piece, similar to newer
mice like the Copperhead and the Diamondback.

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