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Ex-Sony developer paints a bleak picture of Wii U’s future

Former developer of Little Deviants believes that Nintendo is missing opportunities to give the Wii U some momentum and believes that the console is in danger of becoming obsolete.


Kenny Linder, a former developer for Sony’s Bigbig studios, believes that Nintendo shot themselves in the foot with the marketing of Super Mario 3D world, going so far as to say that “no one gives a s***” about the game. He also predicts that the Wii U wont survive long enough to see it through to the next Christmas period.

Linder gave his gloomy verdict on a NeoGAF post, which has since been heavily modified for damage limitation. However, Nintendo Life published the original post in its entirety before it was edited. The ex-developer was critical of Nintendo’s decision to launch Super Mario 3D world in Europe on the same day as the launch of the PS4, saying that the company missed the chance to significantly improve Wii U’s sales performance by delaying the latest mario game’s release.

The decision to release SM3DW alongside Sony’s latest console does indeed look like it backfired, as it was beaten in the sales charts by a host of other games, landing in 14th position. Linder contends that the game was probably ready for launch back in October, but Nintendo’s marketing policies have caused them to miss out on the sales boost the game would have provided for the Wii U.

“Retail will have four major consoles (PS3/4, 360/One) plus 3DS/2DS to push which will all move units, and it looks like Mario can’t help even poor Wii U out. I am still confident in my crazy mind that Wii U will not see another Christmas after this one”, wrote Linder. “Releasing Mario on Friday was a really stupid thing to do, it could of come out weeks before that. I wonder if the same gamers who buy Nintendo home systems (150k of them in UK) are the same gamers that buy PS4/Xbox? That might explain lack of sales this week. Otherwise, nobody gives a s***.”

Strong words indeed. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that you never write off Nintendo. Who knows; come next Christmas, the Wii U might just be the hottest stocking stuffer in the market, and Kenny Linder may just be forced to eat his words.

Source: Nintendo Life

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