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Evidence suggests Samsung is preparing to introduce fingerprint protection

SamMobile reports that a recognized themer, while tinkering with the leaked Galaxy S3 firmware, unearthed some images that indicate future plans for a fingerprint scanner on Samsung phones.

It seems that Samsung is at it again trying to copy Apple with a new feature that is exactly what rumors about the next iPhone have been telling us, fingerprint recognition. Although fingerprint recognition is hardly a revolutionary feature as such, it has never been used on phones before. A couple of leaks over the past few weeks have inclined us to believe that Apple may be working on a redesigned Home button to add the ability to recognize ones fingerprints. 

Recognized themer Kalagas found an interesting lot of images when he was going through the files inside "SecSettings.apk" (more specifically SecSettings/res/drawable-hdpi) which look like finger prints and a scanner for the same on what unmistakably looks like a Galaxy phone.

So what do you think? Will Samsung bring fingerprint recognition to its future line up? Perhaps a feature for another Galaxy S4 branded phone (S4 Safe or S4 security, let’s begin guessing!) or maybe under active development until next year (for the Galaxy S5 perhaps?). We really don't know. What we do know is that Samsung is also working on a fingerprint recognition technology (more specifically, the home button) for their iPhone.

Source: SamMobile

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