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We decided to visit EVGA’s Taipei office to see where all the bright ideas that went into the Classified SR-2 mainboard had come from. Brief tour of the Research & Developent departments inside.

During our stay in Taipei, almost every hardware maker we visited were asking whether we’d gotten our hands on a particular dual CPU Mother-of-all-Motherboards. The product that has been causing such a stir in Taiwan’s computer hardware industry is none other than EVGA’s brainchild: the fabled Classified SR-2, which we had a chance to lay our hands on earlier in February.

We took a chance to visit EVGA’s Taipei office to see where some of all that brilliant engineering has been coming from.

We arrived at EVGA long after office hours have ended. Despite that, we could still see a number of staff working on one project or another. EVGA might not have the most posh office or the cleanest laboratories we’ve encountered, but you could clearly sense the team’s creativity oozing out of every nook and cranny.

Above, you see the test bench where some of the power engineering is carried out. Overclocking semiconductor circuits often involves raising Vcc voltages. This incurs stress on the mainboard Voltage Regulation Modules (VRMs). Given EVGA’s emphasis on overclocking in recent days, you could expect to see some really heavy duty power regulation solutions onboard their motherboards. Intel provides dummy loads for testing whether mainboard VRMs can meet Intel requirements. Below is the VRM test load provided to mainboard makers.

Stopping at Intel specifications don’t cut it for EVGA. That is the reason why you spot a load machine hidden under the workbench. You can see some of the really crazy loading tests carried out in the past.

ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don’t have Flash installed.

Everywhere else you see hardware being validated over and over again. Unpopulated Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) could also be seen lying around.
At the BIOS engineers’ workbench, you can see EEPROM programming tools hot-linked to the EEPROM BIOS chips on the mainboards for realtime BIOS tweaking and modifications.

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