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Evernote comes to Windows Phone 8, brings new features

Evernote has updated its official Windows Phone app to add support for Windows Phone 8, along with a plethora of new features that should make up for the neglect the app has received in the past.


Evernote hasn’t been too serious about its Windows Phone app, but with Microsoft’s mobile OS solidifying its position as the third ecosystem with each passing month, Evernote is changing its tune by finally adding official support for Windows Phone 8, while adding a laundry list of new and useful features.

First up is the multi-shot camera, which will allow users to take multiple photos without leaving the camera view, by clicking on the screen to one shot after the next. A counter on the top shows the total number of photos taken, and all of them can be added to a note at the same time. Oh, and tapping on a photo inside a note with multiple pictures will start a slide show in full screen mode.


The next feature is something Evernote says will feel “pretty magical when you see it in action” – Auto-titles. Basically, if you forget to add a title to a note, the app will use parameters such as location, the content of the note, and even a calendar event to create an automated title. While it probably won’t be magical in real-life, it’s a nice way of making sure your Evernote diary isn’t full of untitled notes.


The update also brings support for speech-to-text for creating notes, and makes the app faster and easier to navigate. Evernote says there’s more to come, though hopefully updates will come in much faster in the future instead of as an afterthought once iOS and Android apps get updated.

Grab the new Evernote for Windows Phone 8 from the source link.

Via: Evernote Blog | Source: Windows Phone Store

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