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Ever see a driverless car? No, we’re not talking about model cars either

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In an collaboration between Nokia Asia and a pair of friends, a Nokia C7 was made to control a BMW 1 Series car. The result? A car that can move and even drift without a driver behind the wheel. The pair aren’t satisfied, and are looking forward to conquer the skies as well.

Have you ever seen a car being driven? Certainly, on the roads every car has a driver. In this case however, it isn’t as mundane as that.

In a collaboration with Nokia Asia, An Jiaxuan and his friend managed to rig up a system to control an actual BMW 1 Series car using the Nokia C7 smartphone. For those who follow the tales of the British Superspy religiously, this certainly harkens back to the 1997 007 film, Tomorrow Never Dies, wherein the titular Bond controlled a BMW 750i with his Ericsson mobile phone.

Taking 20 days of coding, and with seven separate tests done on various items, the highly adaptable platform shouldn’t be known for merely being able to drive an actual vehicle, but rather, the application of such technology to other more mundane areas, some of which they had already tested the platform on.

And if you watched it to the end, you’d find that for the two, the sky’s literally the limit. They have their eyes on fitting out an airplane with the platform they’ve developed.

Source : Symbian World

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