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Even Sportlifestyle company PUMA has come up with their own PUMA PHONE..


Yes. Its true. PUMA, a brand name that is closely associated with sports lifestyle products, has announced their new phone – PUMA PHONE. According to the maker, the PUMA PHONE is not designed to compete with the other smartphones in the market. It features a solar panel built at the rear of the display and offers Internet, GPS, Bluetooth and video call.

The PUMA PHONE is a touchscreen phone with a simple user interface. According to PUMA, it uses the similar platform as the Samsung Galaxy, though that’s all we know about it. You can set the background color to either red or black (which is fairly limited), but the menu option icons are fairly large to ensure you press on the right one.

On the right is the camera/shutter and volume control buttons (which also performs as the camera zoom control).

On the left, we find a microSD card slot for users who require more memory storage.

At the rear is a the solar panel for solar charging of the phone, as well as a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash. PUMA said that ten to fifteen minutes of solar charging will provide approximately one minute of talk time. The intention of solar charging is when you go jogging (as an example), you can secure the phone to your arm with an armband and has the solar panel facing outward. That way, it helps to charge the phone while you are on the go which in turn helps to be environment friendly too.

The PUMA PHONE also allows you to get connected to your social applications such as Twitter and Facebook easily. In addition, you can access PUMA World on the phone and get the latest news, product information and even sports-related stories.

According to PUMA, the phone will first be available in Europe, and other parts of the world later. It may come to Singapore, but the likelihood of having telco tie-up with PUMA seems pretty unlikely. Moreover, the phone isn’t at all very affordable considering its a smartphone. The PUMA PHONE will be retailing around 400 Euros, and if its dollar-to-dollar, that could be an affordable S$400 (or an expensive S$800 if converted from Euros). Well, we could only wait and see how this goes.

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