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Europe to start selling budget Andy Pad tablet soon

Have you heard of a tablet known as the Andy Pad? Well, it is reportedly an entry-level tablet computing device which is aimed at users who do not  have any desire to break the piggy bank just to satisfy their mobile computing needs. And apparently, thhis entry-level tablet will soon start making its way onto retail shelves in Europe for sale, where it is expected to be sport an extremely competitive price tag.

Competitively priced tablets sporting entry-level specifications may be popular among users who are finding themselves limited by their spending power, but the act of choosing such a tablet that actually fits one's needs is usually much harder than what many make it out to be. However, if you are already the midst of looking for a such a tablet boasts the right mix of price and specifications, you might just want to take a look at the new Andy Pad line of tablets which will reportedly be released for sale in Europe soon.

According to a report published by The Android Authority, the new Andy Pad tablets are available in two variants, namely the Andy Pad and Andy Pad Pro. It would seem that both the Andy Pad and the Andy Pad Pro are struck from the same mould, as The Android Authority has claimed that the tablets are essentially indistinguishable from each other.

That being said, the specifications for both the Andy Pad and the Andy Pad Pro are anything but identical. While little information about the hardware used to power the tablets have been released, we do know that the Andy Pad will feature 8GB of internal flash storage, while the 10-inch display will reportedly make use of resistive touchscreen technology and boasts a relatively low native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels only. In contrast, the Andy Pad Pro boasts 16GB of internal storage, while the touschreen display will sport a higher resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, as well as the addition of both front and rear cameras, along with Bluetooth connectivity.

Last but definitely not least, both the Andy Pad and the Andy Pad Pro will come bundled with version 2.3 of the Android operating system, a 1.2GHz A8-based processor, a "powerful 3D GPU", as well as support for WiFi connectivity and 1080p HDMI-output.

Source: Andy Pad via The Android Authority

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