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Europe to get universal smartphone charger

How does the idea of being able to use a single universal charger to power all the smartphones in the world sound like? Well, such an ideal solution might probably come much sooner than we have expected it to: the EU has seemingly taken on the initiative of rolling out such a charger, and several well-known smartphone OEMs have reportedly agreed to make their devices compatible with it.

We all love our smartphones for what they are capable of, but that fondness can, and usually quickly turns into one of loathing when the aforementioned device decides to run out of battery juice at the most inconvenient moment possible, and the charger your friend uses is incompatible with your device. Yep, that sounds like one of the most common ways to ruin your entire day.

However, it seems that the EU is all too keen on ensuring that such situations never happen again, at least in its own territories. To that end, the EU Commission has rolled out an initiative that will see the adoption of a universal charger for popular data-enabled smartphones sold in the region and is expected to be available for consumer use by the end of 2011.

Of course, this might be much ado over nothing, since the aforementioned 'universal charger' consists of little more than the standard micro-USB port which most smartphone OEMs currently make use of for their devices today. However, not all OEMs have adopted micro-USB as the charging port of choice, and as such the EU has reportedly deemed it fit to continue its campaign to make sure that every single manufacturer eventually plays nice with the universal charging port.

Curiously, Apple's name shows up in the list of original signatories who have agreed to support the universal charging standard in spite of having been using its own proprietary cable for a long time already. Then again, the specifications for the universal charger explicitly allow for the use of adaptors. Interesting.

Source: One Charger For All via The Awesomer

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