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eSports team leader charged in massive hacking scheme

A year after his arrest, it has now been confirmed that Dmitry Smilianet, owner of a pro gaming team, took part in one of the largest hacking operations ever prosecuted.


It was reported about a year ago that Dmitry ‘ddd1ms’ Smilianets, owner of the Moscow-5 professional gaming team, had been arrested as part of the FBI’s global investigation into cyber-crime. The US has now confirmed Smilianet’s involvement in what attorney Paul Fishman is calling the “largest hacking and data breach scheme ever prosecuted in the United States.”

Smilianet and is one of five Russian and Ukranian hackers who established an extensive hacking network and collectively acquired over 160 million credit and debit card numbers, resulting in losses of several hundred million dollars. While stealing the numbers, they reportedly messaged each other with phrases like “NASDAQ is owned.”

Smilianet, who according to the charges was the information broker for the hackers, is currently in US custody awaiting trial. His lawyer, Bruce Provda, said Smilianet was sightseeing in the US when he was arrested. Initial reports from last year stated that he was arrested in Amsterdam, however. “It’s a rather complex international charge of hacking,” Provda said. “If it goes to trial, it’s going to be a lengthy trial.”


Smilianet, whatcha smilin at?

On January 10, Moscow 5’s manager, Konstantin “groove” Pikiner, announced that despite efforts to keep the gaming team running, the economic strain caused by Smilianet’s arrest had forced the team to be shut down. The team is being reformed under the new name Gambit Gaming, and will take part in the upcoming League of Legends championship.

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