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ESET previews Endpoint Solutions in Singapore ahead of May launch


Slovakian security company ESET gave a preview to its upcoming Endpoint Solutions designed for SMB and enterprise users. It claims to be capable of detecting current and new malware and other Internet threats and features Firewall, Web-control and Spam-filter; the Endpoint Antivirus does not come with these modules.


The ESET Endpoint Security is the company's latest products for SMB and enterprise customers. The ESET Endpoint Security utilizes scanning technology that is based on a proactive approach to detect malware and other internet threats. It also claims to have whitelisting of "safe files” that are cross-checked against the  database for optimized performance and boasts enhanced ESET Remote Administrator for managing clients.

The ESET Remote Administrator features Real-time Web Dashboard, Role-based Management, Randomized Task Execution, Improved Reporting, Optimized Database Performance, IPv6 Support, Improved Configuration of Clients, Rollback of Updates on Clients and Support for new ESET business products. The ESET Endpoint Security offers Web Control, Device Control, Cloud-powered Scanning, Host-based Intrusion Prevention System, Update Rollback, Improved Updates, Presentation Mode, Component-based Installation and support for Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP).

The ESET Endpoint Solutions will be launched globally in May this year. Here are the pricing:-

ESET Endpoint Antivirus

1-year (1 to 10 users) – US$32.99 per license
1-year (11 to 24 users) – US$27.99 per license
1-year (25 to 49 users) – US$23.99 per license

2-year (1 to 10 users) – US$49.50 per license
2-year (11 to 24 users) – US$42 per license
2-year (25 to 49 users) – US$36 per license

ESET Endpoint Security

1-year (1 to 10 users) – US$35 per license
1-year (11 to 24 users) – US$30 per license
1-year (25 to 49 users) – US$25 per license

2-year (1 to 10 users) – US$52.50 per license
2-year (11 to 24 users) – US$45 per license
2-year (25 to 49 users) – US$37.50 per license 

Eva Markova, chief operations officer of ESET Asia Pacific, gave an insight about the company which has presence in more than 180 countries worldwide with close to 800 employees. "In the past few years (from 2006 to 2011), we experienced a high growth of close to 400% and we were one of the fastest growing IT company in Europe. Last year, our sales revenue was more than US$400 million with Asia Pacific forming almost 15%. And in terms of products, 3% are from Server Security, Consumer Security is 48% and 49% is Business Endpoint; our business security forms the largest contribution to our income and we are focusing on the business segment," Markova said.

Ignacio Sbampato, chief sales and marketing officer for ESET, introduced the features of the ESET Endpoint Security and Endpoint Antivirus, as well as Mobile Security for Android which was launched earlier this year.

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