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Epson Talks About Making Cents, Releases Six New Inkjet Printers

We may love to pull the old ‘My-printer-ran-out-of-ink’ line as a convenient bluff to delay a deadline, but it seems the this excuse’s days are numbered with the rapid advancement of inkjet technology. And with Epson announcing six new inkjet printers which boast much greater efficiency and productivity in a launch event held on 12 October at The Arts House , perhaps the time has come for us to stop relying on weak excuses and focus more on getting our work done.

The classic ‘My-printer-ran-out-of-ink’ line was once the best possible excuse one could give when attempting to explain a missed deadline. After all, those were the days where inkjet printers guzzled ink like there was no tomorrow, and laser printers are pricey enough to deter all but the most heavy-duty users from purchasing them for general usage purposes.

However, rapid technological improvements meant that laser printers quickly became more affordable while inkjet printers started showing significant gains in efficiency. And with Epson announcing six new printers for home and business users, it appears that the old bluff is all but fated for a blotchy demise in the dustbin of ‘Worst Possible Excuses’ .

Unlike most typical launch events, Epson opted for a more informal, talkshow-esque setting to announce its latest series of inkjet printers for both the home and business user. Entitled “Making Cents”, the talkshow was hosted by comedian Alaric Tay, who is well known for his antics in The Noose.

The first invited guest of the talkshow was none other than Koichi Endo (pictured below), chairman of Epson South & Southeast Asia and Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (Plating Division), who spoke about the competitive advantages Epson had over its competitors with regards to inkjet technology.

“In terms of print resolution, you can get very vibrant prints (with Micro Piezo technology). Our print heads work by applying an electric charge to transfer the ink to the printable surface. This means that by controlling the electrical charge, we can control the size of the ink droplet,” he said.

This differs from most of the competition which uses thermal printheads, where the ink is heated up to create air bubbles which pushes the ink out of the printer nozzle.

“This wastes a lot of electricity, and it is very hard to control the size of the ink droplet. hence, resolution will be affected. That is why Epson printouts are superior, consistent and reliable,” he added.

The next invited guest on the set was Epson Regional Product Manager Roy Teo, who took the opportunity to do some ‘mythbusting’ about consumers’ perception on the ‘inkjet vs laser’ debate.

“Laser printers do not always run faster than inkjet printers,” he said. “For example, the Epson ME series of office inkjet printers are actually one of the fastest printers in this category. As for business printers, our B-series printers are on par with the colour laser printers in terms of speed.”

He was also quick to claim that inkjet printers do not necessarily have higher running costs or lower print quality, a fact which defies popular opinion.

“At Epson, we always pride ourselves on having the best quality printers in the industry. And these printers are driven by two key technologies: DuraBrite Ultra and the proprietary Micro Piezo printhead. With these two technologies, we can guarantee end-users suprerior quality not only on photo paper, but also on plain paper,” he said.

As for the issue of high running costs, Teo pointed out that the CPP of the current ME series of printers was as low as 2.5 cents, a figure which is almost 50% lower than those of competing laser printers.

The last invited guest for the show was Tan May Lin, General Manger of Epson Singapore, who spoke about Epson’s commitment to both the consumer and corporate markets.

“We have built a credible reputation in the consumer market, but with the new ME office series we will want to increase our share in the corporate segment. And we believe that our products are very competitively positioned to be able to contribute a difference,” she said

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