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Epson gets judged on Projector Runway, launch of new products at stake

Also unveiled at the launch event were the new Epson EB-455Wi interactive projector, along with the ELPDC series of document cameras and the ELPIU01 interactive projector module.

Epson EB-455Wi interactive projector

Remember how Microsoft took the world by storm when it first unveiled its Surface PC, which is essentially a tabletop PC with a extremely large touchscreen for a display? The good news is that users can now turn their existing PCs and notebooks into devices which replicate most of Surface’s tabletop navigation features, thanks to Epson’s latest interactive projector, the EB-455Wi.

Like the EB-450Wi before it, the EB-455Wi is an ultra short throw projector which is targeted mainly at business users and educators. However, the one key feature unique to the EB-455Wi is its ability to project an interactive surface onto a tabletop, thus allowing users to interact with their PCs ala Microsoft Surface style. The difference? Microsoft’s solution costs US$7,600 to purchase and set up, while Epson’s projector is sold at S$3,588 and converts existing computers and tables into impromptu tablettop PCs.

Epson ELPDC document cameras (ELPDC06 / ELPDC11)

Back in those days, teachers and lecturers merely had to make use of the simple combination of transparencies and an overhead projector to present non-digital material or content. But in this day and age, it goes without saying that consumers desire a more up-to-date solution, and Epson fulfills this need with its new document cameras, the ELPDC06 and ELPDC11

The modern-day equivalent of the old overhead projector, Epson’s new ELPDC06 portable document camera and ELPDC11 high performance desktop document camera are invaluable teaching tools that are extremely useful for presenting lessons that involve non-digital formats like live dissections for biology classes, sharing art pieces, handicraft or live correction of written answers from students.

As a bonus, Epson has confirmed that users can also convert the document cameras into webcams for video conferencing if the need arises. This makes it an ideal tool for educators who need to present non-digital content to a virtual audience through the use of online video conversations.

Epson ELPIU01

With that much being said, it is clear that interactive presentations are definitely the next evolutionary step in explaining and disseminating content to large audiences. However, it should be pointed out that many businesses and schools have already invested large amounts of money into older projectors that offer none of these interactive features.

Needless to say, there is a need to help such consumers get up to speed with the latest technological trends without forcing them to invest large sums of money and discarding perfectly working equipment in the process. And this is where Epson comes through once again with its new ELPIU01 interactive kit.

The ELPIU01 is essentially a kit which consists an interactive pen and a wall-mounted infrared receiver unit. When the interactive pen is used, it sends out an infrared signal to the receiver unit, which will pick up the signals and convert them into interactive data.

However, the ELPIU01’s strength lies in the fact that is designed to be compatible with any existing projector, as long as the required drivers and tools have been installed to the PC that is currently connected to the projector in use. This allows businesses and organizations to enjoy the advantages of having interactive presentations without having to invest in costly interactive whiteboards.

Pricing and availability:

The Epson ELPDC document cameras and ELPIU01 interactive kit are already available for sale at authorized distributors for S$639 (ELPDC06), S$999 (ELPDC11) and S$899 respectively.

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