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Epson gets judged on Projector Runway, launch of new products at stake

Now that we have got the event coverage over and done with, it is time to unveil the real stars of today’s show in all their glory. Needless to say, the main attraction gets first dibs, and this honour falls to the new Epson EB-1700 series of 3LCD projectors, which are designed specifically with the mobile professional in mind.

Epson Ultra-Portable EB-1700 series (EB-1750 / EB-1760W / EB-1770W / EB-1775W)

While there is no denying that handheld projectors are highly mobile, consumers often forget that the point of having a projector is to ensure that digital content can be upscaled and displayed clearly on a large surface. So what is a Epson going to do for consumers who need both portability and performance in a projector that is intended to be transported from place to place? Simple. Make it smaller than a notebook, which is exactly what the company has done with the new EB-1700 projector series.

Touted as the world’s slimmest yet high-performance 3LCD projectors, the EB-1700 series of projectors weigh a mere 1.7kg and feature 44mm height or approximately half that of a credit card. But just as how one should never judge a book by its cover, the EB-1700 series of projectors are anything but watered-down versions of full-sized projectors. In addition to being small enough to fit in a notebook bag, Epson claims that the projectors are capable of brightness of up to 3,000 lumens white and Colour Light Output (CLO). Select versions even offer extra features such as wireless connectivity, instant shut down and automatic keystone correction.

And lest you think the EB-1700 series of projectors do not appear small enough to be considered portable, this picture of the projector pulling a classic Steve Job unveiling the Macbook Air stunt should quell any lingering doubts once and for all.

Epson High-Powered EB-G5000 multimedia series (EB-G5650W / EB-G5750WU / EB-G5950)

According to Epson, the EB-G5000 series of projectors are designed to be performance powerhouses, and it shows. An extremely high brightness rating of 4,500 lumens to 5,200 lumens makes the EB-G5000 series of projectors suitable for deployment in large areas such as school halls and lecture theatres, while the capability to display media content at resolutions greater than Full HD (WUXGA 1920 x 1200) means that users are assured of superior image quality.

In addition, the EB-G5000 series of projectors sport Epson’s proprietary C2Fine technology typically found in its home theatre projectors; this helps to increase the projector’s contrast ratio by minimizing polarized light leakages. And to top off the package, the EB-G5000 series of projectors support split screen output, which allows for the display of up to four connected sources at any one time.

Pricing and Availability

Both the Epson EB-1700 and EB-G5000 series of projectors are already available for sale at authorized distributors at the following prices:

– Epson EB-1750: S$1,599
– Epson EB-1760W: S$1,749
– Epson EB-1770W: S$1,949
– Epson EB-1775W: S$2,149

– Epson EB-G5650W: S$3,999
– Epson EB-G5750WU: S$4,999
– Epson EB-G5950: S$6,999

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