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Enjoy music on the go with the Bose Mobile In-Ear headset

Bose Mobile In Ears

Bose has announced their new Mobile In-Ear headset designed for music lovers who enjoy listening to their favorite songs on the mobile phones. It features a one-touch answer/end call button which allow you to switch from music and call.

Atlas Sound & Vision, one of Singapore’s leading premium audio visual retailers and distributors, has launched the Bose Mobile In-Ear headset, which allows users to enjoy music and answering a call on their mobile phones with high-quality audio performance and a comfortable fit.

A first for Bose, the new headset also makes it easy to take incoming phone calls – featuring a convenient inline microphone and one-touch answer/end button that lets users switch seamlessly from music to calls and back.

The new Bose Mobile In-Ear headset is compatible with most music-enabled mobile phones, including the 3G iPhone and original iPhone models.  A set of three different 2.5mm adapters is included for connections to many other popular mobile phones.

Employing proprietary Bose technologies, including Bose TriPort acoustic headphone structure and an electro-acoustic design, the Bose mobile in-ear headset delivers audio performance with realism, clarity and acoustic range.

It’s ergonomically designed for extended listening, resting gently in the outer bowl of the ear. Three interchangeable, differently sized silicone ear tips – small, medium and large – provide a comfortable fit.  The Bose design makes gentle contact with the entrance to the ear canal, reducing irritating pressure points, yet establishes enough contact to hold the headset in place more securely than many conventional ear buds.

The new Bose® Mobile In-Ear headset joins the newly improved Bose Mobile In-Ear headset to create a family of solutions for mobile users.  It will be available from ATLAS beginning December 7, at S$239 (inclusive of GST).

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