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Enermax Releases 1000W Penta-Rail PSU

The Enermax guys in Taiwan are back with vengance, this time with their “Galaxy” series, with 850W and 1000W models.

We caught a glimpse of this monster in Taiwan’s Guang Hua Electronics District, powering some 4 PC system, including SLI, Crossfire and Dual Core CPUs. Impressive!

Enermax is proud to announce GALAXY, the long awaited highest-end PSU series.

After showing the world’s first 1000W class PSU prototype in August 2005 at Games Convention show in Germany, the world wondered, why it has not been released ever since. The reason was a redesign to newest technology. While all other manufacturers have released since only ordinary 1000W class PSU’s with normal 4 rail technology, ENERMAX decided to design a PSU, which would be able to power 2007 & 2008 server systems to give customers the utmost benefit possible.

The result: Five 12V rails, which are an integral part of the upcoming revision of EPS12V PSU design guide by Intel, which will specify 1000W class PSUs and respective technical requirements especially five rails as a must to be versatile enough to power QUAD CORE & QUAD CPU systems as well as QUAD graphics (GPU) systems (= TRIPLE QUAD). Moreover, it can power even TRIPLE QUAD + 24, because it is modular. Besides 6 natively connected drives, up to 18 additional drives can be connected. The sophisticated 6-pin sockets allow SATA and PATA connection without restrictions.

Fully rated at 50C the output per model is 850W & 1000W. This ability is not only based on its rail design, but also on the delay of its release. Continuous meetings with other key players in the IT industry gave essential information on power consumption of their future products and ENERMAX distributed the connectors to these products perfectly on the five rails. Its single PCB allowed to integrate 13.5cm & 8cm fans, which cool it permanently for 24/7 full power output even at 50C.

Product codes are: ENERMAX GALAXY 1000 EGA1000EWL (1000W), ENERMAX GALAXY 850 EGA850EWL (850W)

GALAXY will be available from July onwards. Prices and detailed specs will be released soon.

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