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Enermax Platimax 850W PSU Review

Enermax entrusted the cooling of their 80Plus Platinum power supply on a single 140mm fan with semi transparent blades. The “twister” bearing fan has a maximum rotational speed of 2000RPM.

Enermax designs and manufactures their products themselves; therefore there is no hidden OEM behind the Platimax. This time Enermax improved their 80Plus Gold platform used in their older Modu87+ and Pro87+ series, squeezing out even higher efficiency by minimal layout changes and better components.

The filtering stage begins with a small PCB attached to the rear of the A/C receptacle and continues onto the main PCB as well. The total number of components is four Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, three filtering coils and a MOV.

Both of the primary capacitors are industrial grade, made by Rubycon and are rated at 390μF/400V and up to 105°C each. The secondary side capacitors are all made by Nippon Chemi-Con, making this power supply an all-Japanese affair.

On the secondary side of the unit Enermax used a lot of small daughterboards, two for the DC to DC circuits and a few smaller ones to help install the capacitors vertically, most likely in order to save space.

The heatsinks of the 850W Platimax unit are not very large but of adequate size, especially considering this product boasts 80Plus Platinum efficiency which should make the heatsinks more than sufficient for the thermal needs of the unit.

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