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Enermax MaxRevo 1350W PSU review

The Enermax MaxRevo is supplied inside a large and hefty cardboard box. The black box is very simple with almost no artwork on it at all, with only the series logo seen at the front side of the box.

Inside the thick cardboard box everything is well secured and protected in separate compartments/drawers. The power supply itself is not protected by a nylon or cloth bag but lies tightly secured in its own compartment.

A fairly good bundle awaits those who will choose to purchase a MaxRevo series unit. The bundle consists of a standard manual, an A/C power cable, a card displaying the voltage rails distribution, four high quality cable straps, a metallic hinge to lock the power cable attached to the unit, a sticker with the company logo, a free 120mm cooling fan and four common 3M mounting screws.

Since this is a fully modular unit, you will also receive a lot of modular cables and two pouches which can be used to store the extra cables or anything else. All of the cables are sleeved, with Enermax using a black sleeve but visually enriching it with yellow and red threads spiraling around the cables.

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