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Enermax launches MODU87+ 800W and 900W Power Supplies

It seems that the rumors floating around earlier this week turned out to be true after all. Enermax, a well-known manufacturer of power supply units, has rolled out a couple of additions to its MODU87+ series: the EMG800EWT and EMG900EWT, which are capable of providing 800W and 900W of power respectively.

If you are looking for a high-end, power efficient power supply unit or PSU and would like to havemore variety to choose from, you are in luck: Enermax has just launched two new power supply units or PSUs under its premium MODU87+ label, a series which is popular among users for its performance and power efficiency.

The EMG800EWT and EMG900EWT PSUs can provide 800W and 900W of continuous power respectively. Both units feature Dynamic Hybrid Transformer (DHT) design, which, according to Enermax, is capable of improving the power efficiency of the PSU up to 93%. In addition, top class components such as solid-state and Japanese electrolyte capacitors were used in the manufacturing of the hybrid circuit board to ensure greater performance and stability. Like all the other PSUs under the MODU87+ banner, they come with a 80PLUS Gold certification and a generous 5-year warranty.

The EMG800EWT is already available in Europe and is currently priced at €175, while the 900W variant is expected to hit retail shelves by next week.

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