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Endless bubble wrap popping fun with StrapyaNext’s iPhone 5 case

StraptyaNext presents their new "self-regenerating" bubble wrap iPhone 5 case. Unlike ordinary bubble wrap themed cases, users can endlessly enjoy popping the bubbles in this iPhone case over and over again.

How many of us seemingly go unconsciously after the bubble wraps after unpacking fragile electronic items? There might be a few that would even say that popping em' bubbles is half of the excitement of opening packages. However, that fun just doesn't last forever. Even for regular iPhone bubble wrap cases, sooner or later you'll run out of bubbles to pop.

That isn't the case with StraptyaNext's newest item though. Introducing the world's first "self-regenerating" bubble wrap iPhone 5 case. Yes, that means this isn't your standard iPhone bubble wrap case, nor is it a real bubble wrap that's simply wrapped around the unit. The case is made up of four separate layers, that when combined, allows full replication of the look and feel of a real bubble wrap. Even the popping sound and sensation is also replicated to a considerable degree.

After popping all of the bubbles in the iPhone case, you can simply use its unique function to "reinflate" the bubbles and return them to their original shape and form. That technically means an infinite amount of bubble wrap popping fun for all bubble wrap "enthusiasts" out there.

There is one small hitch in the bubble wrap case though. The bubbles might get in the way when you are using the iPhone 5's camera, so you may want to pop a few bubbles out, or take out the case first when snapping shots with the iPhone 5 encased in it.

The self-regenerating bubble wrap iPhone 5 case is currently available in Japan for 2100 yen (23 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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