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Encrypted storage: Universal Tech NoTouch Elite NT2800 Portable HDD Review

While many PC users today take pains to safeguard their PCs and important data stored within them, sensitive information on external storage are almost always left unsecured. Will encrypted external storage be able to plug that major hole in computer security? We take a look at Universal Tech’s NoTouch Elite NT2800 portable hard disk with 128-bit encryption to see just how effective it is.

Everyone can be absent-minded at times to unintentionally leave important items behind, such as files filled with lecture notes, electronic gadgets, and even wallets. When that happens, the misplaced item is usually gone for good.

While a file of lecture notes would have little or nothing that might be of interest to the average Joe, leaving your external hard disk filled with juicy information like company secrets, financial statements and ‘questionable’ content downloaded from the Internet could be the fastest way to getting yourself into a whole lot of unnecessary trouble. And that is trouble which you can save if your hard disk has been encrypted to deny access to anybody who does not have the encryption key.

While the idea of encrypted external storage sounds good on paper, the encryption method used has to be both robust enough to deter amateur hackers and yet easy enough for the average user to use. Today, we will be reviewing Universal Tech’s NoTouch Elite NT2800 secure external hard disk to see if it manages to satisfy these two requirements.

The specifications of the NT2800 are as follows:

 NoTouch Elite NT2800 Technical Specifications 
 Supported operating systems  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 
 Interface  USB 2.0
 HDD interface and form factor  2.5-inch SATA
 HDD speed  5400rpm
 Operating environment limit  Between 10° C to 40° C ( 37° F to 104° F )
 Humidity  5% – 85%
 Activity indicator  White LED
 Power indicator  Red LED
 Product dimensions  75 x 122 x 15mm
 Box dimensions  108 x 160 x 28mm
 Warranty  3 years limited warranty

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