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Elitegroup showcases new products @ Computex

Elitegroup has some innovative tricks up their sleeve, and they are not shy in sharing with everyone. Other than checking out their lntel P55 chipset motherboard, we also managed to take a quick look at their ‘home furniture’ products. Read on to find out more.

Elitegroup has some innovative tricks up their sleeve, and they are not
shy in sharing with everyone. We checked out their new Intel P55 motherboard that is designed for the Intel’s Core i5. The P55 board also comes with a chip that stores their eJiffy feature based on Linux, to allow users quick access to internet, media and etc. without starting into Windows.

Supporting the WiMAX bandwagon, Elitegroup also released some products specially catered to support WiMax.

M320 3.5G Module with a mini-PCIe form factor that can transform the notebook to support WiMAX.

Elitegroup’s mobile phone with support for WiMAX.

Elitegroup’s new mini notebook with support for WiMAX, the T800.

As with most manufactures, this year Elitegroup also unveiled a series of prebuilt entertainment personal computer systems, that are marketed to target the lifestyle users. This comes their line of ‘home furniture’ design.

Using Windows 7 touchscreen functionality, Elitegroup manufactured this trendy looking entertainment system, that houses everything within the slim touchscreen LCD structure. More importantly, we learned that the overall design for this is actually mimicking that of a photo frame.

Supported by only a single extended leg to mimic a photo frame.

Lo and behold, when Elitegroup told us about their ‘home furniture’ design, we really did not expect this, a vase.

On a closer look, the ‘vase’ here is actually just a casing that houses the motherboard, cpu and everything else, and it even includes a Blu-ray drive.

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