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eDevices PC3200 512MB Value DDR Memory

Here comes the first surprise: The PCB of this Memory is actually the Brain
Power B6U808 that are used on the famous Gskill GH UTT series and the OCZ Platinum
Rev 2. series.

The second surprise is that this RAM is using the famous Samsung TCCC chipset.
I had a hunch that this RAM could be using Samsung TCCC chips when I found that
the specification in CPUz version 1.31 looks exactly the same as some of my
memory which uses the Samsung TCCC chipset. Thus, I investigated further by
installing my OEM RAM using Samsung TCCC chipset together with eDevies Memory.
Upon activating the CPUz screenie, my hunch was kind of confirmed.

On slot 4 was my OEM Samsung TCCC chipset and on slot 3 was the eDevices Memory.
The differences are only the part number, serial number and manufacture date.
Of course, I can’t 100% confirm that eDevices is using the Samsung TCCC
chipset as I did not pry open the heatspreader. But one thing’s for sure is
that eDevices is using Samsung memory chipsets for their value ram.

The third surprise is the Cas Latency (CL) preference of the eDevices Memory.
During the whole process of overclocking, I could only push the clock speed
up to 215mhz at CL 3-3-3-8. Beyond 216mhz,
I could not even boot up my rig regardless of the Memory voltage (2.6v-3v).
But when I set the CL to 2.5, my test rig could boot up and
the overclocking continues. This memory strangely seems to prefer CL
rather than the slower CL 3. Of course, this affects
the overclockability of the RAM.

*This review is generously provided by our forum member Longsiew.

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