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The Mach2 GT is definitely a piece of work. Built sturdy and with high quality components. It looks like a small PC case with a LCD in front and has a long trunk sticking out near the back of the case. There is also a 4 pin molex and a bunch of wires which are required for he Mach2’s functionality.

At the end of the trunk is a rectangular head, also known as the evaporator, which is where he PC is cooled. The evaporator is made out of solid copper. The two holes are used to hold down the evaporator to the CPU.

Viewed from the back, it has 4 LEDs and a huge fan outlet. The Mach2 draws power from the socket which is also located at the back of the CPU. Socket is a 3 pin one, which is exactly the same as the one the PC uses.

The Mach2 GT is available in 2 forms – topless or with a matching black Enlight case. The topless units looks like the one in the first picture above. If you have a Lian Li case, you can also buy a matching Mach2 Lian Li matching panels in black and silver. All you need to do is swap out the left, right and front side panels. They even have an ICE kit, which features a window and lights for case modders to match their PCs windowed casing.

The Mach2 GT also comes with a CPU kit. The CPU kit is the retention system to attach the evaporator to the CPU. There are currently 3 types of CPU kits available – Intel P4 socket 478, AMD(socket 462 A)

and the AMD64/FX (940/939 and 754) kit. The kits normally consists of 2 plastic retention system, one for the back and one for the CPU socket. Also in the package are 2 screws, a 3mm allen key, Artic Silver Ceramique thermal paste, a heating element and normally also includes a roll of seal string.


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