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playstation 4 with controller camera

Early PlayStation 4 buyers will need to wait until February for new batch of consoles

That’s why you don’t buy new hardware on launch.

playstation 4 with controller camera

The PS4 has finally launched after months of anticipation following its announcement in February earlier this year. However, many buyers who scrambled to get their hands on the first consoles are facing a variety of hardware problems, but that’s not the bad news as replacements are not expected to arrive till February next year.

The most common of these problems appears to be that the console simply fails to boot up, which indicated by an ominous pulsing blue light. In some cases, users are reporting that this blue light comes up all of a sudden after several hours of flawless gameplay, after which the console refuses to start again.

A small number of users have also reported overheating issues where they have to wait up to 20 minutes to allow the console to cool down sufficiently to resume gameplay. This is not happening with specific game or after a certain usage time either, it happens randomly.

Although these issues appear daunting, you should understand that launches of almost all new, massively-manufactured hardware is regularly plagued with such issues around the launch window due to the fact that they are, after all, highly complex machines which are pumped out from factories at high speeds to meet customer demand; perfection can hardly be guaranteed.

It can take several months and some cases years before yield rate approaches near 100 percent. That’s why I personally recommend everyone to wait at least a year after launch before buying a gaming console. You wait in order to allow any such hardware issues to surface, and for manufacturers to resolve these issues by improving the manufacturing process.

As for hasty buyers who are now facing these issues, if you bought your console from some retail store with additional warranty, there is a chance that you may get a replacement just a little bit sooner (January 2014 for Amazon buyers) than normal users, who will have to wait at least till February 2014 for their replacement.

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