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Eagle 7950GT w Zalman Cooler Review

Let’s take a look at some default performance numbers, but really I can’t wait
to jump to the overclocking of this card. You don’t put on a Zalman Cooler just
for the cool factor, you want to overclock it!

For 3D Mark 06, I set the drivers to run the card for best performance. With
which I obtained a respectable score of 5742.

As I moved onto gaming tests, I set the graphics settings to the default settings
of Quality:

Why High Definition Resolution tests with a mid-range card such as this? Why
not? The people owning 30" LCD Monitors are quickly rising in numbers,
yet a large bulk of them do not own the fastest flagship card. Some are casual
gamers in fact, and the lure of High Def resolutions stem more from HD Video
Entertainment and a bigger desktop work space. Half Life 2 Episode One is in
fact playable at this HD resolution with this card!


Same goes for Quake 4, even High Quality 2048×1538 is very playable.
Turning up to Ultra Quality will kill playability immediately however.

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