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EA working on new IP game franchise after E3


EA have just let slip they’re currently crafting a brand new IP which they weren’t ready to reveal at E3. EA Exec, Patrick Soderlund spoke with CVG during E3 and stated that DICE will be working on a “completely new” IP at EA’s development studios.  Soderlund himself a former DICE executive producer, noted that as long as EA’s games feel new, whether they’re based on new or existing IP is “probably less relevant”.


“If you look at our [E3] line-up, we showed Titanfall, a brand new IP from Respawn, Mirror’s Edge, which is a beloved return for many people, and Star Wars: Battlefront, which I think is a match made in heaven.”

Soderlund went on to talk about Battlefield 4 and how their latest iteration was a “big leap forward” in console and PC gaming. He also discussed about the excitement around a new studio working Need for Speed and the “passion and dedication” from the new team.

“I feel really good about our line-up and feel like we have a lot of new games. Whether those are built on intellectual properties that we own and have been out there in the past or not… that’s probably less relevant.”

Söderlund said EA are definitely working on new IP’s but without saying too much, added they “will present when they’re ready,” and that EA absolutely have stuff in development that hasn’t been announced yet. At E3, EA presented a great show for fans and stakeholders, but with a two year streak of winning “Worst Company in America”, it’s good to see they’re taking steps to reverse public opinion.

via CVG

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