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EA faces backlash in India over price hike

Prices in India are set to rise by up to 133 percent on account of non Indian gamers using India-based VPNs to get steep discounts.  


EA is facing a virtual backlash in India after it announced it was raising prices on games sold in the country by up to 133 percent.

EA said that it would price the latest iteration of its FIFA sports franchise at 2,499 rupees and Battlefield 4 as well as Need for Speed: Rivals at 3,499 rupees. Compared to the price of last year’s titles in those respective franchises of 1,499 rupees that’s a 66 to 133 percent hike. On the console side prices also rose: up to 3,499 rupees from an average of 2,999 last year. The average PC game in India costs between 999 to 1,499 rupees.

Angry gamers took to Twitter with the hashtag #EAPCIndia to voice their concerns.

The rationale behind EA’s price hike for PC games is that gamers from other countries were using India-based VPNs to take advantage of the lower prices in country.

Considering the purchasing power of the average Indian gamer, these price increases are sure to make games unaffordable for many and thus increase piracy in the country. EA could take a lesson from Steam and implement region locks to stop this problem from happening.

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