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Dust 514 Open Beta Starting January 22

CCP Games, the company that brought Eve Online to the gaming world, introduces Dust 514, with an open beta coming in just a week.

Eve Online is a sci-fi MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) set in space. Originally released in 2003, it was available on the three major computer platforms, though Linux distribution has since been discontinued. The game had great reception, and won the game of the year in both 2009 and 2010 by MMORPG.com. CCP, the game company behind EVE, now has a new game, Dust 514. Originally announced in Germany in 2009 at the Game Developers Conference, the game's beta is just a week away.

Dust 514 is an upcoming F2P (free to play) FPS (first person shooter) for the PS3 with elements of MMO games, and will intertwine with EVE. In fact, Dust is actually stylized as EVE: Dust 514. The actions in Dust will affect gameplay in EVE and vice versa. The real-time combat of Dust 514 will take place on planets in the EVE map. Additionally, the two games will share the same universe. In Dust 514, players will fight for control of the planets and the districts in which the planets are located.

Players in Dust 514 will wear dropsuits as pictured above. Similar to the ships in Eve, players can customize the weapons on their suits to utilize various weapon sets and equipment. 

An advanced beta is available on the PlayStation Network Store for $20, but will be free as of January 22.

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