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Dunhill Biometric Wallet keeps your money and credit cards safe


The wallet is where most of us keep our money, credit cards etc, and it can be a pain we lose it and perhaps some strangers picked it up and got away with our personal items. Well, not if you have this advanced Dunhill biometric wallet.

This stylish Dunhill Biometric Wallet comes with a biometric fingerprint reader that opens only with your fingerprint. (Don’t lose your finger together with your wallet though). Made with durable carbon fibre, it claims to be “virtually indestructible” for those who tried to pry it open with sheer brute force. The interior holds a leather credit card holder and a stainless steel money clip. But probably the most impressive feature is the wallet’s Bluetooth whereby it can link to your mobile phone and sounds off an alarm when the wallet is separated from your phone by more than 5m away. This lets you know when your wallet is stolen or misplaced. 

So the question you’ll be asking is, how much is this Dunhill Biometric Wallet? For the luxury brand name and innovation features, it isn’t at all cheap – the Dunhill Biometric Wallet costs US$825. But if you really want a fully-secured wallet, this one time investment is worth it.

Source: Dunhill via PC Magazine

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