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Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

Ball of Steel Edition

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Balls of Steel Edition of Duke Nukem Forever. This limited edition boxed set comes with myriad freebies and premiums, including dice, poker chips, playing cards, a 100-page art book, a comic book, Duke Nukem paper toy, postcards, and a 5-inch tall Duke bust, together with a numbered certificate of authenticity (just so you know this Duke’s the real deal).

It’s also blissfully free of, you know, balls.

This collector’s boxed set sure gives a whole new meaning to the phrase  ”good things come in big packages”.


It’s evident that Duke Nukem Forever is a game that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Afterall, what kind of game risks alienating its audience and its critics with wanton chauvinism and doses of herpderp humor? Yet this complete lack of inhibition is what differentiates Forever from the other first-person shooters out there.

The script is rife with pop-culture and real world references – making light of other FPS games, celebrity figures, and even American politics (wait till you get to the ending. You’ll see what I mean). It’s a treat for those who are discerning enough to pay attention to the dialogue, instead of just pew-pewing away or those who take the game’s misogyny at face value.

Shame though, that the visual aspects of the game couldn’t have been better executed, and the multiplayer mode was a complete letdown. Otherwise, this game isn’t as deserving of all the flak it’s garnered.

It’s certainly no big winner, but for a swansong, it’s not half bad either.

Duke Nukem Forever on PC is available at $59.90 in most major retail stores. The game is also available on the PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles.

Score Rating  
Story 7.5
Visuals 7.5
Audio 8.5
Gameplay 6.5
Replayability 5.0
Average 7



deathmatch with my clone


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