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Dual-SIM HTC One with microSD support goes official in UK, costs $800

Probably realizing the freshly unveiled One max is bound to be a dud, HTC continues to ride One’s wave of popularity in the short time left to the formal intro of the upgraded version, codenamed M8.


But given the original HTC One is almost nine months old, which would put it somewhere in his fifties in human years, the Taiwanese are in desperate need of a rejuvenating gimmick. Enter dual SIM and microSD support, two features available on the Chinese variant of the One since last spring, but so far out of reach for Westerners.

Well, they’re unreachable no more, at least in UK, where the HTC One Dual SIM can be scored via the manufacturer’s official online store. Technically, the phone can’t actually be had, as it’s listed on pre-orders, but fret not, as shipping should begin in time for it to land under your Christmas tree.

Looking like a carbon copy of the single-SIM One from the front, the One Dual actually tips the scales at 153 grams (vs. 143), plus it’s 1.1 mm thicker than its cousin, rocking a 10.4 mm waist. The back cover, made of premium aluminum, is no longer bolted and so you can access and replace the SIM cards, as well as expand the 32 GB of built-in storage with an extra 64.


The greatest news is HTC doesn’t think of the One Dual as an upgrade over the regular One, but rather a rehash, so both devices cost the same $808 (£494.99) outright and SIM-free. Quite the pretty penny, so you might be better off waiting for third-party retailers to nab the One Dual. After all, Amazon UK sells the single-SIM One for roughly $675 (£414).

No idea if the microSD slot-toting 4.7-incher is headed for other European markets in addition to GB, but if it is, chances are launches are right around the corner, since the M8 (aka One Two?) is to become official in a few months’ time.

Source: HTC UK 

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