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Dual display Yotaphone selects Singapore as manfucturing home

Yotaphone E-ink Display

Yota Devices, which gained acclaim at CES 2013 for their dual-display Android Yotaphone featuring an e-ink display on the backside of the AMOLED display, has announced that they will work with Singapore's Hi-P to produce the device, with a scheduled release date in mid-2013.

In a press release sent out early Wednesday Morning, Yota Devices announced that they will be working with Singapore's Hi-P to manufacture their Yotaphone, and that they will be opening an Asian sales office in Singapore as well.

For those of you that don't know, the Yota Phone was announced in December, but first really came into the spotlight gained during January's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where it garnered Cnet's "Best of CES" award for phones, beating out more well-known competitors like Samsung, LG, and HTC. What makes this Android phone so special compared to the dozens of others?

From the front the Yotaphone looks like a standard Android device, but from the backside it's transformed, with a touch e-ink display resembling those on e-readers, offering a low power consumption option to check emails, browse the web, or do just about anything.

Since the inception of smartphones, it's been a constant uphill battle to increase battery life even as hardware becomes more powerful, and consumes more power itself. Device Makers like Apple, and Samsung have built in sensors, and software tweaks to stretch battery life as far as possible, but the fact is that the bright color displays of today consume an immense amount of power, and there's no way around it.

E-ink displays are naturally more efficient, because when they're static they consume very little power or none at all.  The Kindle Paperwhite, for example, offers up to eight weeks of battery life. Offering this lower-consumption screen is what has brought the Yotaphone its' fame, because it offers a solution that lets you use your phone without the normal drain. 

In the release, Yota's CEO Vlad Martynov commented:

"Bringing a unique product like YotaPhone to the market requires an experienced manufacturing partner with both qualitative and quantitative engineering skills and Hi-P excels in both."

In addition to doing the manufacturing and opening a sales office, Yota is also opening a new Research and Development office in Singapore alongside their Finland, Russia, and US offices. They hinted at working on future iterations of Yotaphone in a generational way, indicating that they may try to stick to the single flagship phone model followed by Apple, with a regular release cycle of one phone per year. The company estimate that the release date for the phone will come sometime in mid-2013.

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