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Dual Core Optmizations in 81.95 Drivers

We have done some preliminary tests on Dual Core AMD CPU with
the latest Forceware 81.95 NVIDIA drivers with Dual Core Optimizations. Results
are very promising…

Definitely has some issues I gotta work out here but Dual Core Optimizations in
the new NVIDIA Drivers certainly look great at enhancing performance in a single-threaded
program, 3D Mark 05.

Tests with 512MB 7800GTX in SLI @ 790/1980Mhz with the 81.95

Above, you see 4 scores’ break down of each of the game tests in 3D Mark 05.

The First is an X2 at 3.5Ghz with a good GT1 and 3 test results and a bad GT2
The second is the same X2 at 3.5Ghz with a good GT2 result but not so good GT1
and 3 results.
The third is my FX57 @ 3.9G.
The fourth is Kinc’s FX57 @ 3.93Ghz WR 18614 run.

Now ignoring all first, if I take my good GT1 and 3 scores from
the first run and combine it with the good GT2 score from the second run:

Above you see the comparision against the best score available. It does lose
out in GT1 by 1.4% but wins out in GT2 by a bigger 3.6% and in GT 3 wins by
0.2%. So it looks really really promising, the overclocked Dual Cores with SLI!

Now the issue at hand is to find out what’s preventing a proper complete performing
run. The good runs come alternatingly. One good test run will be followed by
a bad run and then a good run and so on… It never does good GT runs back to
back, ie good test followed by another good test…. nor does it do bad GT runs
back to back….
Gotta figure out if it’s an issue with drivers or something else!
I did install the Dual Core hot fix from MicroSoft as well. We’ll be doing more
investigating so discuss and look out for these here!

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